Artistic TV Licence

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…And stay away horrible people that force me to have to use incorrect grammar in my post title (sort of).


Spot the Dead Cyclist Competition

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Please indicate where you think the splat formerly known as a cyclist should be and send your entry to ‘The Literal Cycle Smear Campaign’ c/o the  London Borough of Brentford on Crack.


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You awaken.

Your head feels like a French nightmare.

You remember the 3 cases of Armenian Buffalo Expectorant you drank last night.

The bacon smells like Nan’s stew (a bad thing).

What do you do?

You do this:

Last night’s mash+flour+butter+rolling pin+heat+brown sauce=


You do this because you:

a)  am cookin’ wit boo-tane of the highest quality,

b) are known to your friends as Senior Mustard.

Rough Guide to South East Asia- New Edition

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Following my latest trip to the Far East I’ve been contracted to create the latest cover to the Rough Guide to South East Asia. Here eet eez lah….

Oh dear…

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Coming soon to a rotten parliamentary system near you…

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Tagline (put on Darth Vader after smoking 3 packs of Gauloises voice):

‘Even Lord Ashcroft couldn’t buy them a victory… but this May… against all odds… they’re gonna take back the country that’s theirs, not yours. ‘

I puts the ‘yEast’ in ‘Happy Easter’

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As everyone knows, Easter is the celebration of the beginning of the annual cycle of new life. (Apparently one or 2 people actually think it has something to some feller who was accidentally buried alive but managed to escape a coupla days later before buggering off in search of a heavy duty yet conveniently sized pocket shovel).

Anyway, here’re a few shots of the new life I’ve brought into the world. It’s the yeast left over from primary fermentation of my last bru. To be fair, most of it is actually dead. But I made it, so I can also destroy it. Wow- creating then leaving to the elements, the lives of hundreds of millions of single celled organisms sounds a bit like the last time I had a –

Below: Yeast. Not bucket of chunder.

Below: Yeast. Not handful of poo.