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USS Stirling

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Here are 2 pics of a starship I made in Google Sketchup and enhanced with Photoshop.

I used Sketchup rather than Maya or 3ds Max because I don’t have 5 unbroken years to learn how to use them. Anyone else wants a go- please do. I’ll try and get the .skp file up on Google 3d Warehouse.

The ship is inspired by the brilliant John Eaves who’s a big-baller in the universe of Star Trek production.

The original pic that inspired me can be found on John Eaves’ blog:

And he’s awesome.

Live Long…. in Gloucester.



Beverage: a Study in Pewter and Frostiness

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Artistic TV Licence

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…And stay away horrible people that force me to have to use incorrect grammar in my post title (sort of).

Spot the Dead Cyclist Competition

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Please indicate where you think the splat formerly known as a cyclist should be and send your entry to ‘The Literal Cycle Smear Campaign’ c/o the  London Borough of Brentford on Crack.

Rough Guide to South East Asia- New Edition

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Following my latest trip to the Far East I’ve been contracted to create the latest cover to the Rough Guide to South East Asia. Here eet eez lah….