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Bobby the Mandog

Posted in Animals, ¿Qué? on August 1, 2010 by therichieboy

Yeah, I know this bloke’s been at this for years but I don’t get to Covent Garden very often. Why? Because if i want to be surrounded by vast swathes of people enjoying themselves I wouldn’t be called Richie the Miserable Bastard of Seville. I know you’re all all screaming at your PC screens saying ‘theRichieBoy’s not from Seville’, but you can all shut up. By ‘all’ I mean ‘please look at my blog…somebody. I just want your love. And a house plumbed with Worthington’s White Shield.’


Toby is now an Underground Lion

Posted in Animals on July 22, 2010 by therichieboy

The lovely little boy ran away the other day but then very kindly returned to regale us with tales of times past, when the back garden was a better place for a struggling cat who was trying to make it in the back garden. The next day he said ‘nang’ for the last time before hanging up his whiskers and departing for the great robin maming ground in the sky. RIP Toby:  Early 90s – 2010.

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Hooray for me!

Posted in Animals on February 23, 2010 by therichieboy

Look- I have a blog!  I must be really amazing and important and not a nobody.

And just to prove it here’s a picture of a Brent Goose.