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I puts the ‘yEast’ in ‘Happy Easter’

Posted in Lipsmaggers n Brewmastery on April 2, 2010 by therichieboy

As everyone knows, Easter is the celebration of the beginning of the annual cycle of new life. (Apparently one or 2 people actually think it has something to some feller who was accidentally buried alive but managed to escape a coupla days later before buggering off in search of a heavy duty yet conveniently sized pocket shovel).

Anyway, here’re a few shots of the new life I’ve brought into the world. It’s the yeast left over from primary fermentation of my last bru. To be fair, most of it is actually dead. But I made it, so I can also destroy it. Wow- creating then leaving to the elements, the lives of hundreds of millions of single celled organisms sounds a bit like the last time I had a –

Below: Yeast. Not bucket of chunder.

Below: Yeast. Not handful of poo.