Don’t judge a book by its cover. Anotha cova will do…

Sod it.  I may as well use this blog for something so I’ll make it my cultural contribution to the internet’s finest legacy- mediocrity and trivia.

I was doing dome stocking in my bookshop [What’s ‘dome’? A misprint, that’s what.] when I looked at the covers to these 2 books. I thought maybe I was suffering double vision but then I realised i hadn’t had my usual 15 crates of Rutting Gut Rotter Ale (I did have a dust bath in cocaine, mind), so I figured that THESE BOOKS ACTUALLY HAVE THE SAME PICTURE ON THE COVER.

Different publishers, authors, subjects and (obviously) books.

And they say that publishers are going budget…

Have a peek before I get shut down over image rights theft. Even though I took the pic myself… actually, you’ve got nothing on me HMRC!!! Now can I have my one phone call?


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